Mobo Genie Market For Android

Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market is an application that, basically, will allow us to access an alternative application store to Google Play. Of course, unlike Uptodown itself, we will not be able to directly download any application, but it will redirect us to Google Play.

If Mobogenie Market allowed downloading applications directly, it would be much more useful. Unfortunately, its only job is to redirect users to Google Play, so it does not serve any particularly important role. In fact, it doesn’t even have its own analysis of each application (like Uptodown).

The Mobogenie Market catalogue is huge, with more than one million of a million applications of all kinds in its database. However, unlike the Uptodown application library, in Mobogenie Market we will not find any filter, so it is possible to run into potentially dangerous applications.

Mobogenie Market, unlike its version for Windows, does not allow the download of applications directly. That is to say, it really only serves to see the applications and then go to Google Play or Uptodown to download it.

Mobogenie Market for Android

Mobogenie is a simple and functional Android mobile manager for PC. Supports any brand of Android. It helps you make a backup copy of your files on your phone, so that even if you lose your device, you don’t lose your information. You can recover the files from your PC to your phone in just one click. And the best thing is that you can download apps without mobile data cost.

Anyone who uses an Android mobile can use this application with ease, and can rely on your complete security without worry.

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